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Thank you for joining me on this Blogging for Business course where I'll be helping you build the strategy, skills, and confidence required to create a blog that generates leads for your business.

Completing your Blogging for Business Course

The benefit of completing courses online is that you can work at your own pace. But that also means you have to motivate yourself and hold yourself accountable for completing the work.


I would recommend setting aside 2 hours per module in order to watch the video, complete the task and do any further research or reading that I’ve suggested.

I also recommend leaving at least one or two days (but no longer than a week) between each module. This gives you time to digest the information and complete the tasks but means you don’t lose momentum between modules.


For each module, you’ll find a video full of information advice and tips, followed by a task for you to complete.

If I speak too fast or you have difficulty hearing me, there is also a video transcript available for each video.

And if you’re watching on a small screen and struggle to read the slides, don’t worry – you can access all of those separately too.


I have created a printable workbook for you to complete during the course. This contains some key information for each module, as well as space for you to make notes and complete the course tasks. 


I know how tempting it can be to skip the practical elements in an online course – I’ve done it myself. But if you really do want results from your blog, I recommend completing the actions I suggest at the end of each module.

Every task I have set serves a purpose and will help you build a better blog – a blog that gets results.

Additional resources and further reading:

For each module, I have included links to relevant articles and any resources that I think will be useful to you. It’s up to you whether you use them during the course or at a later date, but they are there if you want them.

Extra support:

If you do have any questions throughout the course, you can send them over to me via email [email protected].

You’ll also find information about our other services over on our website

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